It’s my very first WordPress plugin!

Tweeps4WP is a very simple WP widget that connects to twitter using your credentials and then gets the list of people that follow you or that you’re following I think they’re called tweeps. So spruce up your side bar with something a bit more unique.

It can display this list as “mini” profile images or as “normal” profile images. It also provides a link to the full list of whatever group you’ve chosen to display along with a link to your twitter home page. You can customize the title to fit your needs.

Unfortunately for those of you who are super security crazy, you’ll probably not like this little tid bit.

Tweeps4WP requires you to provide your twitter account password.

It stores in in the wordpress options table as clear text. It’s never displayed on the screen. Not even in the configuration panel in the dashboard so it can’t be copied out of the browser once it’s been saved. Hopefully that will ease your concerns a little bit.

I am considering changing the behavior by allowing an option that will let you provide the user whose tweeps should be displayed so you’re not storing your super secure twitter creds in a database.

You can see it in action (doing nothing) on the right side of this page. Twitters limitation is that it will only give you 100 tweeps at a time. That’s fine by me considering tweeps are listed reverse chronologically. People will see the most recent ones at the top.

I don’t know why i used that name. In retrospect, I should have called it something else.


The download link is not active yet as it’s not officially released. I still have a few more kinks to work out if they can be worked out.


Version 0.0.5
-bug in 0.0.4. Found immediately. normal images were no longer displaying correctly. Fixed it so mini resizes to 24×24 and normal to 48×48.

Version 0.0.4
-mini images from twitter aren’t always mini. They’re called mini but sometimes they’re normal. This update ensures that all images are resized to 24×24 just like does.

Version 0.0.3
- got rid of the ugly error messages that appear when you provide a bad password. Just displays a message instead of broken code errors.

Version 0.0.2
– Fixed issue with justification of photos. Tested in Firefox, IE7, Safari, and Opera. Particular themes may decide to display this widget differently.
– Theme jQ does some goofy stuff with CSS which breaks the way that Tweeps are displayed. I will try to fix this in 0.1.0.

Version 0.0.1
– Initial release.


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11 Responses to “Tweeps4WP”

  1. arifn says:

    It’s an interesting plugin..

    Can I limit the numbers of Tweeps displayed?

  2. Anoop says:

    arifn, Hi. Thanks for commenting. At this time, you cannot limit the number of tweeps. The Twitter API will only send 100 at a time start with the most recent. So as it is, it is limited to 100.

    I can see the case being made for showing less than 100. It should be a fairly easy fix to add in. I’ll work on that and you may see it in as early as 0.0.4

    Thanks again!

  3. kwame says:

    Thanks! Great plugin. I can get it to work fine on the sidebar, but how to I put it on the homepage? do you have a that I could invoke…? mind you, I’m not a coder.



  4. Anoop says:

    Hi. Thanks for the kind words and trying it out. The code has been written as a widget but I suppose you could run it on a page as well. I’ll have to look into this more closely to see if it can be done with 0.0.5. Check back often or look for an update to the plugin. :)

    Thanks again

  5. andreeib says:

    Hi, Great plugin.

    I want to modify this to pull the members of a Twitter list, do you have any ideea how to do this.

  6. Anoop says:

    andreeib, thanks for the kind words. I’m working on this feature actually. Just a bit delayed in getting it out there.

  7. Anoop says:


    I’m sorry you were having that issue? do you know what time it was around? it usually doesn’t take a few hours but i will test it on my end and let you know. The list is cached for a certain amount of time in seconds (Update Interval) before it reaches out to twitter again for a new copy. If your cache time is set very low, it’s possible that you locked your account. Please let me know if you have any other issues and thank you for using my plugin.


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  11. jim says:

    Your plugin is now DEAD. Unless you intend to fix it, why not remove it off WP-Extend?

    Thank you. You had ample warning that basic auth was going doa, so you should have updated this plugin before the date of termination.