An open letter to the Chicago Police Department

Dear CPD,

What the fuck are you guys up to? Get your shit together and start outthinking the “slash mobs”. If you don’t have any plans right now to tackle the situation, may I make a recommendation?

  1. Catch up to three people involved in a slash mobs
  2. Clone their phones and or get a court order to monitor their phones. (you could even use private agencies for this. think outside the box)
  3. Create and practice a generic sting operation and then practice it some more
  4. Monitor messages on each of these phones from previously caught criminals
  5. Await instruction/messages of next organized slash mob
  6. When the next message arrives, put your sting operation into effect with innocent looking ipad/iphone users
  7. Profit! AKA beat the living shit out of those fucking kids and teach them a god damn lesson!

I hereby volunteer to help you put this plan together and even stand by innocently with a iphone/ipad (that you will need to provide).



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2 Responses to “An open letter to the Chicago Police Department”

  1. teresa says:

    love it!